Adminiatration Branch

How am I Come to Divisional Secretariat?

  • Come along Baddegama - Galle road, Near the clock tower turn to highway entrance access road and walk 20 m 

Do the owner must come for business registration ?

  • Yes, owner must be there with National Id

Social Service 

How to apply Rs.20000/- allowence for pregnant mothers?

  • Can take application from the officer that held the program in applicable Divisional secretariat before complete 3 months of pregnancy 

who is applicable forEducational donation?

  • Father non owning or Fully disable persons (farther) child can applicable

How to registar Non government organisation?

  • All NGOs can apply with all document after complete one year  

Can I have Samurdhi benafits?

  • Now no one can enter the program newly  but you can give appeal.

who can suitable for elder benifits?

  • Over 70 years 
  • Monthly income Rs. 3000 or lower than 
  • Only one person can apply from 

News & Events

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